2019 Annual Curry Night

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Thank you for your attendance and apologies.

Jeremy, John, Kevin, James, Kevin, Matt, Tufan, Daniel, Finbar, Jonathan Key, Jack, Paul

We ended up with joint winners in Paul and Daniel for the Football Quotient who played on different teams during the year. Unlike James and Jeremy who were on the same team for all four games. Interestingly Yellow won all four games.

2018 Football quotient result

Paul: 97.5
Daniel: 97.5
Tufan: 89.5
Jim 78
Richard P: 77.8
Jack: 69
Matt: 66.5
James 60.5
Jeremy 60.5
Gerald 52.2
JP 46.2
John 43
Oz 29.5
Colin 11.5
Ed 7.5

£15 carried over from last year, £45 accrued this year, £48 to pay four years of website costs = £12 to spend as we wish.
Jim said gamble it – but is currently auditioning for Paddy Power.
Daniel suggested that each of the 12 curry attendees takes away £1 from the £12 pot, invest it how they see fit and come back next year to see who has made the most with profits going back into the club for the benefit of all.
Eventual decision? Thatcherism lives. Some whimsical individual get-rich-quick, heads-or-tails last-man-standing game, which Jack won.
Carried over to 2019: £0.00
Subs to remain at £1 per game.

Caption competetion:

Hilarity, confusion, groans, incomprehension….all in equal measure. And a lecture from John, in French, about why our yellow bibs are actually green.

2019 pagan dates:

March 10th
June 23rd
September 22nd
December 15th

Annual Christmas Curry Awards Night, 19.01.18

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The Curry
Attendees (10): Paul, Jack, James, Gerald, John, Tufan, Daniel, JP, Kevin, Jeremy
Apologies: Matt, Richard P, Richard N, Jim, Oz, Finbar
Lord Bendtner Award: Who do you think thinks they’re the best player?
Winner: JP (4 votes)
2nd: Jeremy, Paul (3 votes)
3rd: Jack (2 votes)
4th: James, Tufan (1 vote)
Last: everyone else who has ever played for PCFC (0 votes)
Amusingly we asked the table (before the reveal) how many votes we thought we’d each receive of the 14 cast. Jeremy, Tufan, John, Gerald, Kevin and Daniel were spot on. Paul was very confident, especially since you couldn’t vote for yourself and ultimately proved that the award went to the wrong winner.
Paul – 13
JP – 5
Jeremy, Jack – 3
James – 2
Tufan – 1
Gerald, Daniel, Kevin, John – 0
2017 Annual football quotient
(maximum possible: 113%; minimum possible: 6.5%)
99.5% – Richard Piper
98.5% – Paul
81% – Richard Norman
80.8% – Kevin
74% – Daniel
70.8% – James
67.8% – Matt
66% – Tufan
58.15% – Jeremy
57.15% – Jim
55% – John
49.15% – Gerald
49.15% – Oz
46% – Jack
18% – JP
7.5% – Keith
Subs collected
£45.00 – everyone paid up in full: Thank you very much. Impressive for only four games. 
Not so impressive…Carrib FC losing 2 hairdresser goals in September and failing to replace them. Ensuing conversation discussed whether we should continue to donate subs for storage or pay for curry. Decision after much discussion – buy £45 of scratch cards and any winnings up to £50 paid to Carrib FC and anything over divided between curry attendees. Result: only £15 won and a project probably not to be repeated.  Unmatched inflation busting £1 subs to remain in place for 2018.
2018 games
Equinox and Solstice games to remain on original dates:
March 18th
June 24th
September 23rd
December 16th 
However, there was also an enthusiastic discussion to increase the number of games each year to maybe once a month or once every two months. El Capitano declined to organise these extra games based on the experience of organising anything to do with PCFC since he became captain. The protracted discussion on the subject that remained undecided at his departure at 11.30pm is tantamount to the perpetual problem of organising anything to do with PCFC. Was there a decision after I left about when the games would be and who’d organise them? Please enlighten us all….
Which was the best team?
Gerald printed off his amazing spreadsheet of squad members through the four epochs of PCFC and opened the question to the floor: Which was the best team? I suspect the discussion (at 1.30am at the time of writing) is still ongoing at whatever pub the remnants have decided to retire to.
Thank you very much for coming to the curry, to the games, for voting, congratulations to the winners, and I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that I look forward to another year of PCFC.
Thank you very much and goodnight.

Awards results: 25.01.13

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The Richard Norman best goalkeeper Award
Winner: Richard Norman

The James McGowan Best engine/Most energetic Player Award

Winner: Colin

Dennis Bergkamp Award for ability to pick a pass from midfield
Winner: John

Robin Van Persie best striker Award

Winner: Tufan

Peter Kay Award for having a consistently terrible shot
Winner: Kevin, Jim, Daniel

Best (most difficult to beat) Defender Award
Winner: Ahmet

Mario Balotelli “100 more chances” Award for most difficult player to manage
Winner: Ahmet, Liam

Zlatan Ibrahimovic award for ability to win a game single-handedly
Winner: Ahmet

Fabrizio Ravanelli Award for player showing most visible signs of ageing in 2012
Winner: Jeremy

Phil Brown half-time ranter Award
Winner: James McGowan

Marouane Chamakh “not quite delivered” this year Award
Winner: James McGowan

Steven Gerrard longevity and unswerving commitment Award
Winner: Oz

Favourite Brazilian Commoners player this year Award

Winner: Bruno

Theo Walcott Award for the player most desperate to change position
Winner: Ahmet, Matt, Colin, Richard Piper

Worst Defender Award

Winner: Tufan

Worst goalkeeper Award
Winner: Daniel

Dribble king Award
Winner: Tufan

Player of the Season
Winner: Gerald



Goal of the Season
Winner: Keith

Impact of the Season Award
Winner: JP

Showboat goal of the season
Winner: Julius

The considered approach to dressing and delivering the most crosses “Cross-Dressing” Award
Winner: Steve



The Daniel Harewood Attendance Award
Winner: Daniel (46)

The biggest winner Award
Winner (by number): Richard Norman (15)
Winner (by percentage): John (75%)

The biggest loser Award
Winner (by number):Daniel (17)
Winner (by percentage):
Matt, Jack (66%)

Awards Results: 13.01.12

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Best turned out player: JAMES M

Best Defender: JEREMY & AHMET

Goal of the Season (good/bad/silly/own goal): JP & AHMET

Scruffiest player: GERALD

Player most likely to be late: JOHN G & AHMET

The RICHARD NORMAN best goalkeeper award: RICHARD N

Most improved player: COLIN

Most injured player: PAUL

Goalkeeper that makes you most nervous as a defender: STEVE

Best Midfielder: JOHN G

Most enthusiastic Player: JIM N & COLIN & DANIEL

Most sporting player: OZ

PLayer most likely to pain in front of goal: JIM N

Most focused player: RICHARD N & JAMES M

PLayer you most want to be – in any sense: JP & JACK & COLIN & AHMET

Dirtiest player (Cheat/tackle-wise, not lack of cleanliness): AHMET

Best Striker: JP

The Showboat Captain: JP

Player with the greatest all round contribution to the club: DANIEL

Player with the highest work rate: JAMES M

Player least likely to win this award: KEVIN

Player of the year: AHMET

Writers Awards

Pipe smoker of the year: FINBAR
Footbal writers’ football writer: DANIEL
The Frank Lampard: most nominees without winning an award award: TUFAN

2011 Half time Stats.

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Okay okay. Yes. We are half way through the season so here are some half way stats for you. Happy reading….I thank yaw in advance.
A great attendence record of 285 appearances in the 26 games so far, an average of 11 per game.*
2011 – 11 per game
2010 – 9.5 per game
2009 – 9.2 per game
2008 – 9.2 per game

Coincidently, exactly 11 players have each turned up to over 50% of the games.

15 people have already reached double figure (10+ out of 26 games) appearances.*
2011 – 15 people
2010 – 12 people
2009 – 12 people
2008 – 11 people
Of those 15, three people have turned up to over 20 of the 26 games so far, that’s a 75% attendence record.
We’re improving in defence – Yay! But getting worse at scoring – booo! Average number of goals per game continues to be low this year.*
2011 – 12.6
2010 – 13.9
2009 – 15
2008 – 14.5
We’re more decisive – fewer drawn games.*
2011 – 2
2010 – 5
2009 – 3
2008 – 4
Three people have a 100% winning record so far this year.
Two people have showed consistency, recording 5 wins/losses on the trot.
One person is very inconsistant, recording 9 games on the trot without the same consecutive result.
The longest uninterrupted run of consecutive appearances is 17 games in a row – That’s a record!
Weirdly 35% of our present squad list have a christian name beginning with the letter ‘J.’ Unbelievably we’ve had one game where not one of them have turned up!
Highest attendence: 16
Lowest attendence: 1 (abandoned)
Highest number of goals: 27 (17-10 & 14-13)
Lowest number of goals: 1 (1-0)
Clean sheets: 1 (1-0)
Most common final score: 8-6, 7-6, 6-5, 3-2 (twice each)
*In comparison to the same period of previous years (26 games post curry night). Not including ringers.

Awards Results: 14.01.11

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Moments of brillance coupled with a tendancy towards shambolic calamity, which Heurelho Gomes will turn up? Most unpredictable player:

5 – Jim N
3 – Gerald
2 – Ed
1 – Jack, Oz, Colin, Steve, Ahmet, JP

For the player who most frequently fails to take responsibility and blames anything except their own ineptness, The Mick McCarthy excuse Award:

5 – Kevin
3 – Jeremy,
2- Ahmet
1 – JP, Richard P, Matt

Needless hocus pocus, spellbinding magic or incompetent ballroom dancing? The Paul Daniels Award for trickery:

6 – JP
3 – Ahmet
2 – Tufan, Jack
1 – James, Daniel

“A snood you say, don’t mind if I do.” Mr Fashionista Award for most interesting attire:

5 – JP
3 – Jim N
2 – Oz, Daniel
1 – Paul, Gerald, James C

For the player who is perceived to epitomise good, solid, conventional footballing ability and who really understands the game. The Terry Butcher traditionalist Award:

5 – Jeremy
4 – John G
2 – Richard P, Kevin
1 – Richard N, Darren, James

For the unorthodox player who challenges the above and doesn’t really know what’s going on: The Laudrup avant-garde maverick Award:

5 – Ed
2 – Daniel
1 – Jack, Jeremy, Colin, James C, Tufan

Where’s that badge? I want to kiss it so much, with tongues. Not the national one obviously, just the club. Most passionate player Award:

3 – Richard P, James
2 – Ahmet, Daniel,
1 – Richard N, Oz, Jim N

So you think you can coach? The Kevin “officially the worst England manager (except for caretakers)” Keegan award for the vocal player with the most advice:

11 – Jeremy
2 – Matt
1 – JP

Yeah, hmmmm, zzzzzzzzz……. The Dimitar “whatever” Berbatov award for the most lackadaisical player:

4 – Jack, Stuart
3 – Oz
1 – JP, Jonathan

“Sniff, could you pass the tissues please, I really miss him.” The Danny Agger most injured player Award:

8 – Paul
5 – Tim
1 – Matt

“Oops. I do beg your pardon. That was completely my fault. No really, it’s your free kick, I insist.”  The Nigel “Hai Ya!” De Jong award for most sporting player:

3 – Oz
2 – Richard N, Gerald, Jim N
1 – Tufan, Matt, John G, Ed, Ahmet

Throws a strop when things don’t go his way? The Arsene “2-0 up to Spurs only to lose 3-2, well that’s what happens when you don’t play Bendtner” Wenger bottle throwing harumpf award:

4 – Ahmet
3 – Matt
2 – Jeremy
1 – Tim, Kevin

Stopped in your tracks just like he was stopped in his prime. The Martin Laursen best defender Award:

6 – Jeremy
3 – Ahmet
2 – Darren
1 – Kevin, Richard N, Finbar, Jack

What do you mean that’s the wrong goal? The Richard Dunne Worst Defender Award:

5 – JP
3 – Ed
2 – Steve
1 – Jeremy, James C, Kevin, Tim

Accurate passing, visionary distribution, holds the ball up, never loses possession. Best Midfielder:

3 – James
2 – Steve, John G,
1 – Richard P, JP, Jeremy, Kevin, Matt, Ahmet, Richard N, Darren

In contrast, the Carson/James/Robinson/Green/Foster best England can offer award. Worst Goalkeeper:

7 – JP
3 – Gerald
1 – Steve, Tim, Ed, Daniel

….and Peter Schmeichel begat Kasper Schmeichel…and Kasper Schmeichel begat….who’s the spawn? Best Goalkeeper:

8 – Richard N
2 – Ahmet
1 – Darren, Jim N, Jeremy, Daniel, Colin

If Thomas Gravesen and Stig Tofting (once-upon-a-time two of Denmark most stalwart, persistent, always in your face, never say die players who, given the chance, would have sorted out “those cartoon problems” in two minutes flat) had a lovechild, who from our squad would it be? I’m talking playing style rather than looks. Mr Tenacious:

3 – Daniel, Richard P
2 – James, Gerald
1 – James C, Ahmet, Richard N, Tufan

I’ve mentioned him before so I’ll do it again. The Poul “Tist” Nielsen award (38 international caps for Denmark, 52 goals including 9 hatricks) for Best Striker:

7 – JP
2 – Jim N
1 – Ahmet, Oz, Jack, Richard P, Richard N

Post, crossbar, keeper, corner flag, the other pitch, sputnik. Anything but the target: Worst striker:

4 – Kevin
2 – Oz,
1 – Richard P, Ed, Tufan, James C, James, Gerald, Jim N

If only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen. The unstoppable engine Award:

4 – Colin, James
3 – Daniel
1 – Tufan, Ahmet, Richard P, Oz

The passing, the control, the dribbling, the attacking flair, the defensive solidarity, the positional nous, the shots, the blocks, the goals, the saves, the team ethic, the enthusiastic perserverance, he’s got it all. Player of the Year:

3 – Jeremy
2 – Ahmet, Daniel, John G
1 – Ed, JP, Richard P, James C, Jim N


Biggest Winner #:

1st: Jeremy (17)

2nd: Jim N (14)

3rd: JP (13)

Biggest Winner %:

1st: John G 73% (8/11)

2nd: Darren 70% (7/10)

3rd: James C 60% (3/5)

Biggest Loser #:

1st: Daniel (19)

2nd: Jeremy (13)

3rd: Oz & JP (12)

Biggest loser %:

1st: Jonathan 100% (1/1)

2nd: Stuart 75% (6/8)

3rd: Tufan 67% (2/3)

Most boring player #:

1st: Ahmet & Daniel & Richard N (6)

2nd: Oz, Jeremy, James Gerald (5)

3rd: Tim B JP, Jim N, Ed (4)

Most boring player %:

1st: Rob 50% (2/4)

2nd: JJ 40% (2/5)

3rd: Tim B 36% (4/11)

Most Appearances:

1st: Daniel (41)

2nd: Jeremy (38)

3rd: Oz (36)

Bespectacled Player of the Year: Gerald
The Sol Campbell Award for the person least likely to show up after having said ‘Yes:’ JP
The ‘Hmmm, this is a bit different from Rugger’ Award: James C
The all round good egg Award: Jim M
The Wayne Rooney most likely to moonlight for another club Award: Matt
The “At last someone of a similar stature to compete against Ahmet” Award: Darren

Game on!

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Game ON. Good stuff. Thanks for replies and see you for the curry.

This Sunday, 10.30am, Peckham Rye.

Yes (8): Oz, Richard P, Richard N, Daniel, Matt, JP, Jeremy
Maybe (3): JJ, Darren, Gerald
No (3): Ed, Kevin, Stuart

And a short film to whet your appetite for the awards….

El Capitanowould like you to check out his/her Bollywood movie :Click here to see the movie

Bombay TV by

Hotting up…

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The voting is going well, thanks to all of the 13 who have participated so far.

It’s pretty tight in many of the categories, including the most-coveted Player of the Year (names removed)…

Other categories have far fewer candidates: